Looking Back to 1959 - The Beginning

I've been searching the web looking for images, trivia, events, movies, fashion, music, news, art, television, radio, world cultures, you name it.

And what I start out with is the year I was born:  
Nineteen Fifty-Nine (1959) 

It's a personal journey, looking for what the world was like, and what was going on around that time. Trying to get a sense of what my parents, grandparents and people in general experienced and saw and heard and felt.....

I'm setting a goal to gather as much as I possibly can from now until my 60th birthday in 2019.  
And after that, who knows.  

I may search for and gather some of the same kinds of things to leave for my loved ones and anyone else who's curious or interested.   
In the meantime, I plan to share what I find interesting or memorable about 1959 on my blog.  You're welcome to follow along and check out what I've discovered.
Hope you'll keep coming back.

Best Wishes Today and Always,