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Looking Back to 1959 - The Beginning

I've been searching the web looking for images, trivia, events, movies, fashion, music, news, art, television, radio, world cultures, you name it.

And what I start out with is the year I was born:   Nineteen Fifty-Nine (1959) 

It's a personal journey, looking for what the world was like, and what was going on around that time. Trying to get a sense of what my parents, grandparents and people in general experienced and saw and heard and felt.....

I'm setting a goal to gather as much as I possibly can from now until my 60th birthday in 2019.   And after that, who knows.  
I may search for and gather some of the same kinds of things to leave for my loved ones and anyone else who's curious or interested.    In the meantime, I plan to share what I find interesting or memorable about 1959 on my blog.  You're welcome to follow along and check out what I've discovered.
Hope you'll keep coming back.

Best Wishes Today and Always,

15 Brutal TRUTHS People Don't Want To Hear -

There are brutal truths in life many of us rarely if ever acknowledge.  We push them out of our minds because they are just that - brutal and scary.  We let life take us on a journey limited by circumstances and expectations of others.  And by doing so we're not being true to ourselves. Most people facing death are grateful about certain aspects of their lives but a vast majority look back and experience regret and sadness.   I should have done this, could have done that, would have taken more time to......facing the reality that there's no rewind, no do-over.  

In my limited wisdom, the brutal truth I would shout to anyone who listens is this: 
Stop Waiting!  The Clock Is Ticking!  Time Is All You Have!  
Once It's Gone You Can Never Get It Back!  You ONLY LIVE ONCE!  Make Your Life What You Want It to Be!   Whatever It Is Do It! Say It!  Make Your Own Destiny!

What Is Mid-century Modern?

During my search for anything and everything related to the year I was born, I discovered there's a design term used for the time period from 1945 - 1965  and it's called
"Mid-Century Modern". 

see and read more from  What Is Mid-century Modern?

Best-Selling Album From the Year You Graduated High School

Best-selling album from the year you graduated high school

"Given music's tendency to signify so many things at once, it's only natural to wonder what the best-selling album was the year you graduated high school.  Well cue up that nostalgia meter, because Stacker is here to put that curiosity to rest.  We're listing off the best-selling album from every year..."
via (on  Best-selling album from the year you graduated high school

Spiller-Groovejet (original mix)


Tamara de Lempicka’s 120th Birthday from Google Doodle