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The talented artists who created these GIF's have even more fascinating works at

Candid Images of Famous Artists and Art


Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2018/19 Men's Fashion Show



Artist Eugenia Loli

see and read more about this artist:Eugenia Loli on


If you've seen any of my other blogs/pages you may know already I have a fascination with all kinds of GIF's.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format - the file extension is .gif
 GIF's combine a series of frames or images into one file.  The result is usually a short "animated" or moving image file.

They they can be anything and everything including abstract images, animals and nature scenes, brief movie clips, greeting "cards", beautiful graphic art creations and more..... 

15 Things You Didn’t Know About HERSHEY'S

Did you know Milton Hershey's earlier candy business was in Philadelphia?
 And had nothing to do with chocolate?

Many interesting facts in this video from

Looking Back to 1959 - The Beginning

I've been searching the web looking for images, trivia, events, movies, fashion, music, news, art, television, radio, world cultures, you name it.

And what I start out with is the year I was born:   Nineteen Fifty-Nine (1959) 

It's a personal journey, looking for what the world was like, and what was going on around that time. Trying to get a sense of what my parents, grandparents and people in general experienced and saw and heard and felt.....

I'm setting a goal to gather as much as I possibly can from now until my 60th birthday in 2019.   And after that, who knows.  
I may search for and gather some of the same kinds of things to leave for my loved ones and anyone else who's curious or interested.    In the meantime, I plan to share what I find interesting or memorable about 1959 on my blog.  You're welcome to follow along and check out what I've discovered.
Hope you'll keep coming back.

Best Wishes Today and Always,